Gadget Dependency and Dark Side of Smartphones

Gadget Dependency and Dark Side of Smartphones


The world is in turmoil. Everywhere we look, we see problems. It is like we’ve somehow opened the pandora’s box. The younger generations are the most affected. Anxiety, obesity, depression, stress, and suicides, what is happening around us? We need to stop and breathe. We have chosen the path to our own demise, and it’s a slippery slope. It is high time that we take responsibility for all that is happening around the world, cease it, and start repairing the damage.

When did the Gadget Dependency start?

It all started in the 70s with the masses leaning in front of their TVs, slacking off and wasting time. Gradually, in the 90s modern times came and with them came a modern addiction: Videogames. The videogame addiction was, however, codependent to the TV addiction. A decade later, another screen was introduced to our lives: the Smartphone. This is where things really got out of hand.

The earlier addictions were dependent on multiple factors and were confined to a room or a single place. When you left that place meant that you were leaving the craving behind. However, this new device was mobile, which means you could take it anywhere. The smartphone definitely has more pros than cons. It has understandably changed the world. Nevertheless, it has also caused some significant problems in the world.

Social Problems caused by gadgets:

After the introduction of the smartphone, came the integration of social platforms and applications into it. Generation Z called the smartphone generation, was born. Online interaction somehow became more important than the physical one. This generation is entirely dependent on smartphones and the internet. There is a new fear called ‘the Nomophobia’ which means the fear of being out of cellular network range. Though the addiction does not limit to Generation Z. The baby boomers and the millennials are also in on the deal.

We cannot blame the current generation for their lack of real-life interaction with people and nature, and lack of physical activity. The blame is on the millennials. The millennials caused the smartphone epidemic; introducing it to the next generation (children) and forcing it on the previous one (parents). However, millennials are also the ones most aware and worried about the effects of the bright screen.

Social media being the major cause for depression among teens, has led the world into oblivion. Once, praised to be the king of spreading awareness to the masses, it is now blamed for spreading misinformation. Security is a significant issue these days with scams and privacy leaks at an all-time high. Some say it is a major espionage service for the governments, while others believe that the big data companies are behind it all.

Cyberbullying is another major issue that needs much attention. The world is hiding behind the masks of their online avatars, and it is bringing their worst out. Cyberbullying is causing countless teens to commit suicide, while, many other victims now suffer from severe mental illnesses. There are many apps like the mSpy UK that parents can use to monitor their kids.

We need to open our senses to the adverse effects of technology and shield our kids from their evil. There are many instances that you can avoid with just a little more care and awareness.